Online Roulette Systems

D’Alembert Roulette System

With this roulette system, you place your bets on the “even money” containers. Either Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1-18 or even 19-36.

You begin your roulette play by betting 1 unit (bet value), and add 1 unit after each and every losing coup. Following every win, a person subtract 1 unit . Every time your own bet returns in order to zero, you may have made some cash. How much money depends upon how long the actual series lasted. So for instance, you bet 1 unit and lose. The next bet is two units. You shed again, so the next bet is 3 models. You win this particular bet, so the next bet is two units, you earn this bet additionally, then your following bet is 1 unit, if you earn, the series has ended, and you begin again at 1 unit. In this case you’d have won 3 units through the end of the actual series. Simple!
This technique is super-easy to understand, and is safer compared to Martingale, because rather than doubling-up after the loss, you simply add one unit . So the bets often stay reasonable. Nevertheless, a long dropping streak can still in the stakes pretty higher, maybe even within the house limit, so Make use of this roulette system wisely!

It is best to stop playing after winning a specific amount that you choose before playing, and also the same goes with regard to losses. Set your self a limit, and stay with it. That’s the smart method to gamble and to possess fun doing this. If your wagers start getting excessive for comfort, you are able to accept your deficits, stop the sequence and call it each day, or you can begin a new sequence at one unit again.

1-2-3-4 Online Roulette System

Online Roulette strategyI can not let you from this section without suggesting about a wagering device that’s frequently used through seasoned players. Consider this one as the one-way D’Alembert, that has been blessed having a four unit roof.

This online roulette system calls that you should increase your wager size by 1 unit after every loss before you win, or achieve the four device level. If you do not get a earn there, the series has ended.

The word “system” can be used rather loosely right here, because this is more a method than a program. If played upon that basis, I’ve no strong objections into it. If goves a strong chance in order to win, without compelling you to definitely mop up an enormous mess when this fails (if you don’t can’t stomach the 10 unit reduction). Now, when you reach the 3rd stage, all you’re shooting for would be to get all or the majority of your money back again, with no wish of showing a profit for that series. But it generally keeps you within the game, and which counts for some thing.

Although it was created for even money wagers, the 1-2-3-4 may be used for other wagers, preferably those which pay approximately even money as well as 2-1. Depending about the payoffs of the actual bet you’re going after, it would end up being possible to gather a profit irrespective the stage you’re at once the win occurs.

Year’s back, I used this technique a great deal. But these times, I find which i am more traditional. I seldom run after anything for more than two or three stages, even along with bets that spend 2-1. Time and flavoring have taught me that if you do not catch something earlier, the prudent move would be to abandon the run after. At the next opportunity you will get your man.

It will help to have which inner knowledge.

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3 Tips to Help You Optimize Your Casino Bonus

No matter how eager you are to register with a South African casino and start betting, don’t put any money down until you’ve figured out how to optimize your casino bonus.

Too many new players scan the fine print and don’t pay close attention to some key criteria, including withdrawal requirements, payout percentages and maximum sign-up bonuses. All of which can have a significant impact on your casino bonus over time.

Don’t give the house an edge! Follow these three tips to make sure you get the rewards you deserve.

  1. Make a savvy investment. Ultimately, your casino bonus depends on two factors: the size of your deposit and the number of times you will be required to “roll over”—or wager—the bonus before you can cash in any winnings.
    These criteria should be at the top-of-your-mind when you are comparing and contrasting different casinos. Take the time to find the casino bonus that offers the best return on the amount of money you are investing. And, make sure it reflects your level of commitment to gambling online.
  2. Turn to technology. It’s not necessary, but many players find online calculators useful in helping them optimize their casino bonuses. Although software varies between products, the basic equation is the same. By analyzing casino bonus information (deposit amount, bonus amount, house edge and wagering requirements) according to specific parameters—like the amount of their bet—players can assess their odds in games like blackjack, craps and roulette.
  3. Look for programs that reward high rollers or loyal patrons. If you are willing to put a lot of money down, you don’t want to waste your time at the penny arcade. Find the casinos that specifically cater to the needs of high rollers, those that play for bigger stakes. Accordingly, these sites reward players with significant high roller bonuses.

Casinos also reward regular players with VIP programs, gambling happy hours and loyalty bonuses, some of which pay out weekly or monthly dividends. In fact, one online casino offers regular players a R25 bonus each week, which works out to a whopping R2,400 in free money annually!

Finally, one more key to optimizing your casino bonus: make sure you’re eligible for re-load bonuses – usually R10 or more -every time you top up your account.

Casino Winning Systems

1-3-2-6 System

This system is a very attractive system especially when betting on even money at the casino. The system sets limits on the player’s losses and sets the limits on rewards as well. With this kind of system it is much easier for the players to walk away from the casino table whatever occurs in the game. The player will risk two units of betting for giving the player a chance to win with ten units, but as true with other systems available they still require a little bit of luck in reaching the player’s goal.

The initial bet made by the player is one unit. If the player wins he will again add one unit, the total of the second bet is three units in all. If the player wins on the second bet, on the table there will be a total of six units. The player will remove his four units and on the table will remain two units of bet for his third bet. Again if the player wins, he will again add two units more, for the fourth bet there will be a total of six units. And assuming on the on the fourth round the player wins, he will collect his 12 units in all. If at all stages the player win he will collect 14 units.

The 1-3-2-6 System is unbeatable, but this type of system will give the player the strategy to play. In the end, this system will save the player’s bankroll. You can use this system at the game of Roulette, Craps and Blackjack.

Paroli System

Another casino system is the Paroli system. This system is the total opposite of the martingale system. Instead of increasing your bet when you lose in paroli you will increase when you win.

Even so, as a responsible player you still ought to plan your own betting procedure so you can asses how far are you willing to bet your money and when you should begin your initial betting again. You will also need to decide when you will raise after winning a bet. Your decision however will rely on the kind of game that you will be playing on the odds that you have against the casino. One perfect advantage of this paroli system is that you will are require to have a huge amount of money. This system is best when used in the game of Roulette, Blackjack and Craps.

Oscar Grind System

Oscar’s grind system is related to a gambler in the late 1950s and 1960s. The gambler has the name of “Oscar” he produced elaborate records of uniform benefits at the game of Craps. Below is the information of “Grind”.

The system will let the player bet with only one unit. If the player wins, it will be the end of the sequence and a new unit will be initiated. However if the player lose his bet, the next bet will be of an equal size as the one that the player had lost. If the player’s bet won, the next bet will be larger than the first one unit, unless it will cause the player to bet with more than one unit of his winnings for that specific sequence. At that specific point, just use the right amount of bet to net a single unit if the player wins.

The player can begin with a loss that will cause his second stake to stay at a single unit. The bet is won; this will put the player back to even. Since the player is only looking for a single unit win for the system progression, the player does not intensify the player’s bet with two units. The following bets from three to five are all losses so the players remain with a single unit stake.

The Oscar’s Grind system leans to be more cautious and less changeable. This sequence consists of five wins and at the same time five losses.

Parley System

This system is one of the simplest systems of all. After the bet has won the player will leave the winnings at the table and move on to the next level of betting this is often called the “let it ride”. Hence, in the next level of betting if the player loses the player will only lose his initial bet, on the contrary if the player won on his bet, the player gets back four more units.

The wager here does not have to be from the entire bankroll of the player. Based on the player’s 31 units to bet, there is a method and the series of these is 1 1 1 2 2 4 4 8 8, this will be total to 31 units in all.

The initial bet of the player is one unit. The bet could range from $1 to 1/16 of the limit of the table. If the player wins the player can bet on an equal amount again. If the player loses on the series the player will go with a parley on every bet.

Take note of your wins with any of the parleys, in the game of parley, the player will be creating a successful wager and utilizes the player’s winning altogether with the first stake in the next hand for the same amount of bet. If the player wins again, the player simply won a parley game. This system can be use on the game of Roulette, Craps and Blackjack.

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack also known as twenty one is a card game that is played in most casinos, Blackjack is a very popular casino game that mainly popular due to the fact that it is easy to under stand and there are many strategies that can help you to win meaning that you have more chances of winning at Blackjack if you were able to must the strategies. In this article we will look at some of the strategies that you could use to win at an Online Blackjack.

Card counting is a Blackjack strategy which increases the probability of a player winning; card counting is used to refer t the tracking of the ratio of high cards to low cards in a game of Blackjack. The objective of the game of Blackjack is for the player to make keep his cards so that they make up 21 or get as close to 21 than the dealer in order to win the game.

In Blackjack a deck of cards full of high cards, tens and aces is to the players advantage whilst a deck full lower cards is top the dealers advantage. Card counting is a strategy were the player keeps track of the cards that have been played and can with that knowledge they can get an idea of which cards remain in the deck.

With a card counting strategy a player can then afford to make bigger bets because he/she has the advantage and their chances of winning are now high. With a card counting strategy a player can play more strategically since they now know which cards are left in the deck. Card counting is a very effective online Blackjack strategy that could reduce the house advantage to zero if use properly.

There are many myths concerning card counting, for example some believe that it is illegal, however according to US law card counting is completely legal and there are no rules that prohibit the card counting in the USA. Many online casinos have taken countermeasures to thwart card counters as they feel that they are cheating them of their monies, some of the measures they have taken include.

Harassing card counters, this could be violent but it is usually tactics employed by casino staff such as engaging the player in conversation with the aim of breaking their concentration.casinos have also added more decks to the on the table to make it virtually impossible to count the cards. Targeting card counters through the use of surveillance cameras, facial recognition etc.

Online Casino Software Providers

When selecting an online casino make sure the software provider is a reputable one. A few big software providers run the majority of online casinos. These software providers may be well known or not. Online casinos buy their software from these software providers. Some casinos are run by their own software and it would be prudent to check them out before you spend a dime by them, there are many resources on the internet that will state whether they are a reputable casino or not.

If you have downloaded a couple of casino software packages already, you may have noticed some similarities between a few of them. The reason behind these similarities is that many casinos use the same software provider; this may seem to make the games a little bland but each casino changes the appearance of the casino to make it unique to their theme.

One of the pros of casinos using the same software is the fact that the software is tried, tested and trusted. Casinos want to build a good trustworthy relationship between themselves and their players they therefore use software from a well known software provider. Software providers in turn, will only sell to casinos that have a good reputation so as not to tarnish their reputation.

These large software providers are regularly audited by a third party. The auditing firm, i.e. PriceWaterCooperHouse, checks to make sure the casinos payout percentages are correct.

It’s good advice to use well-known casino software, as this will give you a great gaming experience and you will have peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands.

The most prominent vendor of online casinos in South Africa are:

  • Microgaming casino
  • Playtech
  • Realtime Gaming

Microgaming Casino Software

MicroGaming has provided gaming players with its reputable software since 1994, making them the gaming industry’s oldest supplier of online casino systems. They were the first to develop a fully outfitted online casino system…making them proud to be recognized as the industry’s most trusted software provider.

Throughout the years, Microgaming has competed against many other online casino software providers. They are regularly evaluated according to their state-of-the-art management and quality games…guaranteeing…the best for any gaming enthusiast.

For those who don’t know…Microgaming was a founding member of the Interactive Gaming Council (known as IGC). This association deals with establishing an industrial code of conduct.

Microgaming has received numerous awards for their prestige and for the second year in a row, have received what’s known as the “ Highest industry Honor”, being the award for “ TOP CASINO SOFTWARE”…awarded by the readers of ONLINE GAMBLING MAGAZINE.

Their Software:

Microgaming gives you a choice between downloadable and flash casinos… Play for real…play for fun; either way, the game automatically connects to the same engine.

In January 2003, the snake was let of its basket. Yes, as you must have guessed right! Microgaming launched their latest update…Viper Software. This new update, literally took the world by storm! This software provides an immense range of features, which allow players to play a defined strategy and provide, enhanced game play and enjoyment.

Here are a couple of the new features it contributes:

  • The casino’s menu is much more simpler than before.
  • Players can now have a chance to adjust the casino’s configuration…including sounds and graphics.
  • Expert mode allows players to have an exceptional experience, by enabling them to play a defined strategy.
  • Games have descriptions; provide information, which makes it much easier for players when choosing a game.
  • The package offers a total of 119 excellent games…and counting.
  • This new software introduces new features such as Autoplay, expert mode and improved speed and navigation.

A little more on Expert Mode:

Expert Mode will alarm you if you have made a mathematically unbalanced decision and will give you the alternative of changing. This option definitely helps with careless decisions players usually make.

What is Autoplay?

This option gives the player the freedom of setting the software to play automatically. No longer will u get disconnected…Want to leave the PC for a couple of minutes? Sure, no problem set it on Autoplay (No more disconnections or timeouts). Autoplay enables the player to automatically play a chosen number of repeated hands or spins (whatever the game may be) without having to interact with the software.

Microgaming has also introduced another software upgrade to the market. Prima Poker Software, the best multi-player software in the market!

Prima Poker Software is a complex set of poker rooms. The complex consists of an immense universal poker network, allowing people from a mass of poker rooms around the globe to play against each other on online poker tables. Its main advantage is that it always generates active tables for all players and at any time!

All of the Prima Poker rooms are connected into one network. Whenever a player logs into any of the poker rooms, all active players that are online are available for a game. Another bonus aspect, which the software has, is that it allows you to configure each poker room’s looks.

Prima Poker Software is the most sophisticated and most advanced multi-player poker software in the market. Microgaming the most trusted name in online gaming powers. Prima Poker has a rich interface and boasts a smooth gaming experience, guaranteeing pure enjoyment!

Microgaming’s Upgrade Protocol

Microgaming’s Upgrade Protocol is one of the best things to hit the industry yet! Players, no longer need to choose between playing at the website (casino) or having to look for an online casino which offers downloadable software. Either way, it offers players both options. Also, another feature of the MUP (Microgaming Upgrade Protocol) is that it has an amazing download system.

The system works as follows:

First of all, the player needs to download a small file (usually about 600kb), which contains a couple of games. While the player waits for the rest of the games to be downloaded he is allowed to play the currently installed ones. This aspect definitely makes Microgaming one of the industry’s leaders in its category… their software packages are often updated and are open to all players who wish to upgrade their casino’s features! (This feature does not need any remote assistance) Players now have access to most games with the least bother.

Playtech Casino Software

Playtech was founded in 1999, by a panel of eCommerce entrepreneurs and has been guided ever since by land-based operators. Together, they conceived the ultimate online gaming tool, well thought out in every aspect to maximize profitability and reliability. Playtech is one of the industry’s largest gaming software developers.

They have offices situated throughout the globe and have as much as 66% of their 115 employees, dedicated in engaging in further research in present and future development in gaming technologies.

Playtech’s undertaking is to present a superb gaming solution, by means of providing its clients with all the essentials for an entertaining project. Playtech continues upgrading its software…providing clients with better quality service as well as security.

Their software hosts a wide variety of games, leading from Blackjack, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Roulette, Craps, Slots, Video Poker to many other varieties!

In a game of ever-rising stakes, only Playtech possesses the combination of technological expertise, industry experience and adaptive judgment, necessary to propel your operation to success.

Realtime Gaming Casinos Software

RealTime Gaming was founded in 1998. They were created with the purpose of designing the net’s greatest online casino software. To this date RTG has taken the industry by storm and has had much success in owning most of the casinos online. The RealTime Gaming team is dedicated to continued innovation, and thus, employs some of the most wanted talent in the areas of game programming, business statistics and web development.

RealTime Gaming’s has a simple philosophy: Develop complete solutions for creating a successful online gaming business and Taking gaming seriously!

They have created the ultimate gaming platform, with the most impressive games a casino has to offer. Till this day, they continue leading the gaming industry with new and exciting offerings such as “integrated” Bingo and Multi-player poker, as well as system-wide progressive jackpots.

RealTime Gaming designs games for the most realistic player experience possible…their back-end casino management is recognized as one of the most powerful in its category!

Some of RealTime Gaming’s characteristics include:
Speed of Play – They keep their games moving at a brisk pace – 7 hands a minute. NOTE: RealTime Gaming has the fastest Blackjack play in the industry.
Video Poker Paradise – This is one of the most popular games at any casino, RealTime Gaming provides dozens of varieties of Video Poker to pick from.
Super Progressives – Multiple casinos link simultaneously to generate some of the fastest growing progressive jackpots on the net.

Free Spins

Free Spins are unique type of casino offer loved by all players. It is called a Free Spins or free rounds bonus. It’s a gift that can be used on online slots games to boost your bankroll, and it’s given out by gambling sites to their players in order to give them a chance to win some money without taking a risk of losing your hard-earned cash.

Online casinos are known for running great promotions all the time, where players can collect a lot of free spins in different slots games. For example you can receive free rounds in Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest online slot (no deposit), usually 10 or 20 free spins but if you sign up to the casino’s there will be many more rounds to spin!

How Do I Get Free Spins?

In order to collect your free rounds you will have to find a suitable promotion, this can be challenging so we made this site to keep track of all the new promotions. All you need to do then, to play your free spins is make an account with the casino and open up the appropriate slot game

Most of the times your free spins will be added instantly so there is no need to contact support or wait untill they are activated. You will get a popup that says “congratulations you have free rounds” and then you can play. It depends on the offer if you can add the winnings to your cash balance or if you need to play it through a couple of times to unlock.

Different Types Of Free Spins

When it comes to free spins, there are two distinct kinds of offers. Generally speaking, they will come with a wagering requirement attached, which means you will have to play your winnings a certain amount of times in the casino before you are able to make a withdrawal (20-30 times usually).

As an example, if you win 15 ZAR on your spins and the casino wagering is 20 times the bonus amount, it means you would have to play a total of 15 x 20 = 300 ZAR before you can make a cashout.

No Wagering Free Spins

However, there is also a type of freespins where you do not need to wager anything. What this means is that you can make an instant withdrawal as long as you have won enough money from your free rounds. Just play and whatever you win is yours to keep! Obviously these are the most attractive kinds of deals and as such they are most sought after

One example of a great casino that has no wagering rule is Guts. You can collect 100 spins on Starburst just for signing up and making a deposit. Then open the game and your free rounds will be available right away.

On this site we are devoted to keeping track of the best casino offers that are available, and we try to keep our players updated so that they always have a new bonus to try!

Tips For Playing Slots Online

You must bear in mind that, while playing online slots you can apply some old fashion common senses. If you play with these old fashion senses then you will find out the overall slots experience which will be more enjoyable than taking risk & being crazy about online slots. It is believed that it is very good to start with bankroll but if you lose the bankroll then you can call it your’s day also you can come back on some other time. To playing smartly is a way to set a bet smartly. If you follow some tips then your slots experience will be more & more. By following these tips you can also increase the chance of winning your odds. You can go home with your pockets full of money.

These tips are given below:

  1. Bear in mind that you play online slots to have fun, nothing else. If you feel that you are really playing for money then stop playing on that day & come back to play in some other day. Practice the golden rules to reserve your money. Use your experience to enjoy the game.
  2. You must play such slots that offer online bonuses like as bonus games, free spins, etc. These features must be random & must increase your chance to hit the large wins. All online slots have an average ratio of payout. In the online games it increases because online casinos offer high payout rates.
  3. You must be aware of online game that you play in online. Some slots offer high payout rates. But these slots offer small payout rates. These casinos don’t allow the players to play longer & the chance of turning the profit is very low. Some other games offer high variances in the payout & large wins at the same time.
  4. Do not bet the same bet amount in all hands & spins. Change your betting amount in every spins on regular basis. Slots are the games of chances & the payout rates of slots are random. It is better to start from a low rate. This is done to test the slots machine’s payout rate. If the payout is rate is high then you can increase your bet size & check how your game is going on. If your luck doesn’t support you then it is better to walk away for this day.
  5. Keep in mind hardly that the slots machines are gambling machines & the machines of chance & luck. You must play with the mind that you will get nice cash out from your winnings. You can save them for one nice rainy day. Don’t use all your money in the online slots games. This is a hard rule to follow to maintain online slots.
  6. Online slots offer good payouts than the landed casinos. This is a very important point to remember. But the online casinos need some cost to continue. So, they increase the payout rate than the landed casinos to attract the gamblers. Bigger wins are always seen in online casinos. It can be 10 times bigger than the landed casinos. Slots are the most entertaining game now-a-days in online. You will be blast with enjoy while these online games. Try to practice the advices given here. Your time will be more enjoyable than you think.