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Online Slots South Africa

Online slots are the one of the most popular games in online casinos across South Africa. They include classic slots and video slots and can be found in their thousands at top rated online casinos across the net. They can be accessed in both free play mode and real cash mode. We’re here to help cut through the noise, filter out the best of the best, and have you playing online slots like a pro. Online slots are loved across South Africa when playing in Rand (ZAR). Online casinos tend to offer bonuses in larger volumes to slot players, meaning you get maximum value for money per Rand. Stick with us and play slots for fun.

Our team is built up of experts in online slots. This allows us to select only the very best online casino. If we don’t like the online slots, the casino doesn’t make the cut. When it comes to online slots South Africa, rest assured we have all aspects covered. We will provide a full review including descriptions of jackpots and bonus rounds. We will offer all information about the online slots – when the game in question was released, whether it’s progressive, how many bonuses are on offer. Most importantly, we will also offer our rating which will ensure you know exactly what kind of game you’re about to play and whether we recommend it or not.

The Good vs The Bad

It is always important to consider various factors when finding the right online slots to play. When we review, it is following strict criteria. This is how we separate the good online slots from the bad. We closely examine the following factors which can make or break an online slots game:

Jackpots Rewards and Bonuses:  Online casino players are in it to win it. We check all games and double check what rewards, jackpots and bonuses are on the table. We also check the bonus round.

User Experience: Nobody wants to play a game that isn’t fun. Our preferred online slots will be visually impressive and exciting to play.
Functionality: The best of the online slots South Africa are the ones that keep you coming back. When they function right, you’ll want more.

Special Features: There are many games out there that love to give you a little extra to keep you in the game. We review these and rate them accordingly.

Before playing online slots, it is always wise to check whether the game is worth playing. There is obviously never a guarantee that you’ll win a game, but some games are definitely more rewarding than others. Some have higher rewards and higher payout percentages. Check out the slots paytable and assess whether the win is worth the wager. When you make the right call, you’ll be winning online slots real money in no time at all.

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Starting To Play Slots

Although slots are one of the most popular games in South Africa online casinos today, they can be confusing for beginners. There are many terms which might need explaining.  The following will help any slot enthusiast get started. Payline is the row of pictures (or symbols) that you need to line up in order to win.

Multipliers are smart symbols that multiply the amount you would have won. Wilds are symbols that substitute for another symbol. Scatters are symbols that add to your prize when it lands on the reel – in video slots they will unlock a bonus round, often offering free casino slots.

Getting to know the words is one thing, understanding the different kinds of games is quite another. A Three Reel Slot game is a basic game, similar to the slot machines you would find in a land based casino many years ago. Five Reel Slots are mostly video slots and have a lot more paylines because there are a lot more combinations available to win. They can also offer free casino slots as a bonus. Progressive Jackpot slots are slots which have incremental winnings. Video slots have some incredible graphics and include bonus rounds.  Online slots no deposit is also an interesting variant to consider, you can gamble with very little risk.

Starting to play slots is as easy as pie. Simply put some credit into your online slots real money casino account and start spinning. A sum as little as R20 is usually a good start. Don’t go in too strong at the beginning, particularly as you are finding your feet. Bet on the maximum amount of paylines and slowly increase your wagers. This should have you winning at online slots in no time.

Mobile Slots

Our final word? Online casino games are becoming more and more popular on mobile. The freedom of playing on-the-go is exhilarating. The bigger online casinos are realizing this and are investing more in mobile slot games. They are available on both iOS and Android across both smartphone and tablet, accessible on all devices 24 hours a day. These mobile casino games are created using the latest software so that players experience the ultimate in online slots on their smartphones and they keep coming back. You can win no matter where you are. Take your game on the road and thank us later.