Mobile Casino

What Are Mobile Casinos?

Mobile Casino is the new buzz in South Africa. Thanks to the smartphone, casino has gone mobile. Millions of players worldwide are enjoying their favourite online casino games on the move. Casinos need to meet demand with the supply of the best games around. They need to feature incredible games with powerful mobile graphics.

South Africa is fast becoming a territory where mobiles are becoming a priority. South Africa has one of the fastest mobile growth rates in Africa. Players can take advantage of this by taking their favourite games on the road.  There are so many choices out there – we are here to help cut through the noise.

How Do Mobile Casinos Work?

Mobile casinos work more or less the same as a regular online casino site. Instead of playing on the bigger laptop or PC/Mac screen, the game will be optimized exclusively for mobile for ultimate game play. All games are usually accounted for and given exciting new features tailored to mobile.

Choosing The Best Mobile Casinos

Our team have played every online casino game on both desktop and mobile. We grade each casino on the variety of games provided. We determine how safe they are, ease of access and we examine user experience. Online casinos cater to the mobile crowd in two primary ways. The first is putting in the time and effort making user accounts and games accessible from mobile devices. The second is investing teams to create a full-on mobile user experience with a downloadable application. This will make mobile gaming seamless for maximum enjoyment.

Game Selection

Using the very best in mobile tech, online casinos are very much optimized for the smaller screen. Mobile players are not left out because they choose to play on a smartphone. In fact, sometimes they are rewarded.  Touch screen technology is the perfect way to experience today’s online casino mobile software systems. This technology offers a more realistic online casino experience and allows highly enjoyable game play in all games from mobile slots to scratch cards, from roulette to card games.

South African online casinos do not leave anything out when they cater to the mobile player. The list of available online casinos games that are available on the move is constantly growing. Mobile slots, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Keno and Craps (to name a few) all look stunning when being played on mobile. There are some games that are often even better when played on mobile. For example, mobile slots are often easier to play on a smaller screen than roulette. Also scratch cards and video poker are massively popular on mobile.

Security On Mobile

Playing online casinos on mobile is a relatively new concept. It is completely understandable that players will have their concerns about online safety. The truth is that if you’re connected online via Wi-Fi, then you are just as safe playing on mobile as you would be playing on a regular PC or Mac.

Special Mobile Casino Bonuses

The best online casinos recognize that mobile casino playing is more popular than ever and are trying to capitalize on this. They offer mobile casino no deposit bonuses to encourage new players to join. The simple act of creating an account will often earn a bonus in casino-money. Existing players are also given a mobile casino no deposit bonus as a loyalty move, or even to promote a new game. Bigger online casinos offer incentives to players just for using the casino on a mobile device. This can take many forms, but it’s a clear sign that gaming in mobile casinos is now stronger than ever.

How To Play On Mobile

As previously mentioned, South African casino fans can either play through the online casino’s regular online platform which will be optimized for mobile, or they can download their app direct from the online casino itself. (Apple’s App store and Google’s Play store have content restrictions- you will find it tough to find the apps there). Players generally love the apps. It means that all major game features are already downloaded within the app, so all it takes to start playing is a quick tap on an app icon and you’re good to start playing.  Scared of using too much space? Some online casino apps allow you to just download the games you use most frequently.


Playing online mobile casinos on the move is fantastic. It’s great to see this trend being acknowledged by the larger online casinos and players being rewarded for using this platform. Players enjoy using their favourite games wherever and whenever they want. Technology has been optimized for smartphones and tablets making it easier than ever to play on the go- even on the smaller screen. You can play as you would on the bigger PC screen in South African Rands on any mobile or tablet platform of your choice.